Having just come back from IM 70.3 St. Croix, I was reminded how important the Headlamp is for those very early race mornings when it’s still dark. Especially if there are no streetlights leading the way from your accommodation to T1, or no lights in T1.

Whether it’s just a short road trip away, or you’re travelling overseas for your next race, here is a great Destination Race Packing Checklist (courtesy of TriGuy MultiSport Coaching), save in your triathlon files!

Race Travel Packing Checklist

This checklist pretty much covers it all. I would also add:

Two sets of Rubber Gloves for packing & unpacking your bike!

Very flashy Luggage Tags and stickers that uniquely identify your bike box and luggage with your cell phone. All that careful packing and prep could go to waste if someone picks up a bag or box that looks just like yours.

Good luck in your next race!