Sample Swim Video (Leroy Thomas)

It’s that time of year again – the “not so” off season – when we tune up some of our weaker areas. Why? There is a commonly known “life” philosophy called the One Percent Principle, which teaches tweaking and bettering just 1% of what you do and repeating over time to affect 100% of your performance and success. In personal development, it can be life changing. In swimming, it can be LANE CHANGING – a path to improving swimming efficiency and performance!

This winter, Kain Performance offers several ways to do that via swim & run clinics as well as Core Fitness Classes. This year we are offering 2-3 Underwater Swim Video Analysis Clinics, the second one being this weekend (12/6). In these clinics, we review Stroke Fundamentals, in the Classroom; Dry Land Strength Training; In-Water Stroke Analysis; and Underwater Video Analysis (Freestyle Only).

In conjunction with videographer George Bruder, each participant is filmed from four angles (2 underwater and 2 above water). Swimmers videos are reviewed the same day (by Coach Pete Kain) and participants receive a YouTube video link they can continue to review upon completion of the clinic.

George Bruder is a film and video industry veteran working as a Visual Effects Supervisor on major motion pictures and music videos. He is currently involved in the transformation of television from traditional forms of delivery to online delivery. In this workshop he combines his expertise in video production and passion for swimming, bicycling and running to deliver direct visual feedback for athletes wanting to excel in their sport.

Coach Pete Kain is the Owner and Head Coach of Kain Performance Multi-Sport (triathlon) as well as the Head Coach of Los Gatos Masters Swimming. Pete was a Collegiate Swimmer and Water Polo player. He is a Certified US Masters Level 2 Swim Coach; USA triathlon Certified Coach; ACSM Certified Health/Fitness Instructor; TRX Certified Instructor. He was USA Triathlon’s “Overall Open Male Triathlete of the Year” in 2002. He is a 4-Time AG ITU World Triathlon Champion and an 8-Time USA Triathlon AG National Triathlon Champion.

For more information about upcoming Clinics or Coaching, or training with Kain Performance Team, contact or blog author, Jody Gold, Follow @kainperformance. Cheers!