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Project Description

Symmetry @ BodyFirm Wellness Center – Dr. Cody Fowler is a certified sports chiropractic physician and exercise rehabilitation specialist who has developed a functionally oriented treatment system to address the injury and performance needs of the elite to the weekend warrior athlete.

Injury is typically not caused by a single event, but rather by repetitive abnormal movement patterns. The program emphasizes an integrated functional approach in treating common sport injuries. The profile allows the practitioner to:

  1. Identify dysfunctional biomechanics,
  2. Address the faulty movement patterns via a combination of treatment modalities (A.R.T., Graston, Proprioceptive Taping, Manipulation)
  3. Retrain a new and improved motor pattern through functional (movement based) rehabilitation exercises.

Schedule an Appointment

Contact info: 

Phone: 408-884-8229

Active Kain Member receive discount pricing on the following services – (discount price listed)

  1. New Patient Exams  – $168.75, includes 90 minutes of history, exam, functional movement testing and treatment (reg. $225)
  2. Comprehensive Treatments – $63.75, includes 30 min for ART, graston, adjustments/mobilizations and exercises (reg. $85)
  3. Laser Treatments – $36.00 per session, includes rocktaping (reg. $40)

Dr. Fowler is a solo practitioner. His services are cash only. He is not a participant with any insurance companies, however, he can provide a Super bill for you to submit directly to your carrier for reimbursement.