Ironman Lake Tahoe. Keep it Simple. Don’t Change Your Winning Formula.

A couple of years ago, a good mate of mine was training for the Ultraman in Hawaii. Ultraman is DOUBLE the Ironman distance. Only 12 people in the world register to do this event! One week before race day, he was on a treadmill (?!) running for 2 hrs. He was sweating like a mad man, lost his focus, balance and spat out the back of the treadmill. Landed safely on his arss. No immediate damage to his anatomy…

But then the next day when he was in the “loo”, he collapsed from dizziness. He was rushed to the ER and the diagnosis? Broken rib, internal bleeding.

Months of training, planning, cost of flying plus the condo and momentum of supporters, sponsors, undone in seconds. Lesson learned: don’t do anything stupid mate!

You will be nervous and full of energy over the next 2 weeks. It’s part of your taper. Practice the lost art of doing very little or nothing. You are fit, you are ready. There is not a magical run, ride, swim, session that will improve your fitness now. Training hard now can do damage, lead to injury, accidents.

A note to loved ones. Tell your close friends, GF, Husband, Wife, family to help you keep life as normal as possible. Funny thing about this sport, it can tempt the most logical type “A” individual to do something dopey.

Don’t change a winning formula. If it worked for you all year, don’t go changing. Stick to the plan.

Rehearse your race in your head. Take time daily to visualize your day out on the course, to the first stroke of the swim passing each buoy, visualize your first pedal stroke and who good your legs feel, feel your lungs open up expand and contract as you run.


Allow yourself to be distracted by conversations that are NOT about Ironman.

A note to an athlete before her stellar World Championship race 70.3 in Las Vegas last week. “Liz, it’s like riding your horse out on the trails in Ojai where you live. It’s like plugging in your lap top and opening your outlook…you’ve done this so many times go out there and do what you know.”

Look for me on Race Day. I’ll be dressed as a Kookaburra!!!  🙂

Coach Leroy