Been meaning to write a quick review of the Verge Sport​ Custom Gear that we sampled recently. Hopefully it will help you with your Gear Order!

It’s worth noting that I have been around a long time, and every couple years the gear changes. It’s never perfect. We’ve had Voler, Squadra, Pearl Izumi, Sugoi…and now Verge.  I’ve ordered something every year and been happy – especially when we all match! Some of it lasts a long time, some of it doesn’t. There’s always an issue with fit or zipper or timing or something. It’s just the way it goes.

But let me tell you: receiving new gear feels like Christmas, no matter what! I promise you, it’s so fresh. Do it. You will love it. Don’t miss out!

A lot of work goes into the “Gear Order Process”, so please thank Judy DeSherlia when you see her for all of her efforts! Order your gear now:

Cycling Gear

Loved the Triumph line (Women’s samples were pink, for reference and they are pink on the order site). Loved Primo even more, but samples were only available in Men’s. Primo samples are grey. The main difference between Primo and Triumph is the arm length (Primo, longer euro style) and fabric (Primo is thinner). Both have a pro fit and the preferred type of tension grippers on the arms/legs. Primo’s tension grippers are more subtle & premium. There’s about a $30 difference between Triumph & Primo items – so I’ll probably order Triumph. My husband will order Primo, as he likes the longer arm coverage and it looked really good on him!

Note: the chamois in Triumph Core bibs and shorts will be upgraded to the Quata chamois on all purchases. So I would order Triumph Strike, that’s what we sampled.

Sizing: my husband and I are both a size up in almost all Primo & Triumph. We recommend the same for all of you. I’m normally a medium in everything and will order large jersey & bib. Same with Tim, in the top. (For him, actually the bib was true to size, medium but he likes things tight.)  The general rule of thumb is size up on everything in the Primo & Triumph lines.

I tried the Elite fit as well. “Elite” is a confusing label because it’s not a pro fit, it’s the looser fitting, club version. Arm & leg grippers are the older style but some people prefer it. Sizing: Elite was true to size on me and most people, so I would be medium.

Zipper. It’s not ideal. Verge knows it. It doesn’t lay right, but there’s nothing we can do about it.

A word on Bibs. Ladies, I’m a fan! Laurie Kehl, Cyndi Koke, Shari Kain, Kim Mygatt and I – all wear bibs. Super comfortable. Feels good on the waistline, especially for long rides.

Also, everyone should order at least: jersey & shorts (or bib); and something to race in. A vest is pretty essential as well. Jersey, Bibs & Vest are Tim and my three essentials for every ride. That way, on group rides, our team looks like a team and not a club or community ride. No mismatched “other team” jerseys please! And while we’re at it: No saggy, droopy athletic socks! No underwear! Nothing tied around your waist! No fanny packs! No big jackets! No tennis shoes!

Other things Coach Pete recommends:  long sleeve jersey and knickers for winter. However if $ is an issue and you’re already getting a vest and shorts, then opt for arm & knee warmers. This is what Tim and I do because of our warmer weather and it’s much cheaper… and they usually last several years! In colder weather, we use more base layers.

Tri Gear

Loved the tri shorts, they fit real nice. Everyone should have a pair of those. Verge Tri Top is small in the chest area & stretches funny around the “hidden” zipper, but it will do. It’s just for racing. We found it fits best if you don’t unzip it and pull it over your head. Sizing: size up (1 or 2 sizes) in all tri gear -I ordered large.

I’m a big fan of the Skinsuit for racing, which I recommend for shorter distance (Olympic or Half distance) triathlon. I love how it sucks you in, and no chance of top riding up. However it’s difficult to use the bathroom quickly in an Ironman whilst wearing a one piece. This year, I will order the Triumph Tri Shorts only instead of my usual Skinsuit.

Having a pair of Tri Shorts for brick workouts is key.


Both Jacket options were sweet! Definitely order a wind shell (Entropa) if you don’t already have one. They are nice for pre-race, chilly early morning rides, spectating and the podium! Fit was true to size (for me, medium) as they are part of the Elite (“club fit”) line.

The best thing I ever did was order a running shirt & jacket for my mom and dad. You should do this for your #1 fans (spouses especially!)

Running Top

Every year that I don’t order a running shirt, I’m envious when I see others wearing. I prefer the v-neck style, the crew neck is very high. Fit was true to size (so for me, medium).

Order Site

Order site is fairly simple. You can filter by item type to narrow options. Once you submit your order, there’s no way to edit without contacting Customer Service. The benefit of Verge Sports is we will be able to order on demand after our first order.

Care For Your Gear

Hang Dry. If you want your gear to last, don’t put it in the dryer. Don’t bleach.  Cold Water.

Use Chamois Butt’r and Wash Shorts Often. This is how to avoid saddle sores and infections.

In Summary

Here is a short list of the “gear order” rules of thumb described above: Size Up for Triumph & Primo. True to Size for Elite. Minimum Order: Jersey & Shorts. Race in Kain Gear. Hang dry. Remember your Spouse!

If you don’t have prior year gear for an upcoming group ride or race, let one of us know – we can lend you something to wear. I have small and medium used-gear. That being said, we want everyone wearing 2015 gear once it’s available!

Remember, the moment you step out of your house on a ride or at an event – or even on social media – you represent Kain Performance. Wear KP gear with pride, follow group ride rules, laws, and be positive! Be a good citizen & sportsman! No Kain, no gain!  

Sincerely yours,

Jody Gold

Staff, Kain Performance

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