The encyclopedia defines the word Barbarian as a “noble savage, often represented as lone warriors”. Several characteristics are commonly shared by Barbarians:

  • Extreme physical prowess
  • Unmatched fighting skill
  • An appetite for, and the ability to attract a mate
  • A thirst for large amounts of alcohol
  • A blending of many different cultures
  • A strong sorcery element that is almost never used by the barbarian character
  • A robust tolerance for pain
  • Fierceness

The Kain Performance Santa Barbara Training Weekend had its own version of “Barbarian” and it was not far off the fantasy version. Eight workouts in 2 ½ days.  The folks who completed all of the workouts showed extreme physical prowess, a very robust tolerance for pain. These Santa Barbarians were tough; were not fazed by the hours of brutality they endured while swimming in frigid water, cycling for hours on end and being forced to run on tired legs! These Barbarians went about their business with smiles and laughter and had an absolute BLAST!

Here is the recap: we hit Santa Barbara on a B-E-A-U-T-I-F-U-L weekend! Two years ago it was wet and cold, so we made up for that in a big way! The weather was just the start of what was a great weekend of training for the KP members who made the trek to SB! After Coach Kain’s email with the Vegas Odds of becoming a Santa Barbarian, the first workout of the weekend on Friday had great attendance, with about 20 eager and ready triathletes!

We started with a nice 40 minute endurance paced run along the coast. We then went right over to the Los Banos pool and accomplished 1500-3000 meters with the Santa Barbara Masters Swim Team. The 50-meter pool offered a fantastic setting by the beach & harbor. We swam for just over an hour with some speed sets (faster than race pace Some of the group enjoyed a special BBQ at Steve Murphy’s daughters place in Isla Vista near UCSB. Thanks Murph!

The next morning, we rose for an early ocean swim. We woke up to a beautiful day, with sunny skies! It made getting in the 58-60 degree water a bit more bearable. The Barbarian group had grown overnight to about 25 strong! I guess a few people had to work on Friday! ALMOST everyone took the plunge into the Pacific and swam a triangular course for 1-2 loops, or about 20-30 minutes. A great way to start any day, but it was COLD!

We thawed out and had a great breakfast at the East Beach Grill and then it was on the bikes for our annual 70 mile ride down the coast and around Lake Casitas. The Kain Train heading down the coast was a solid 25 strong. We hit the 101 South and things got a bit hairy with every man for himself. Awesome experience riding beside the highway and the coast. We stopped in Ventura for a quick drink break, then headed out toward the Lake. This ride is tough, as most of the climbing is during the final 30 miles, not the first 30. The group stayed together until the climbs, then spread out. Tim Reynolds led the charge off the front, with Coach Kain, Dave Lee, Alex Garcia, Eric Ventry, Nelson Hom and Steve Murphy coming in next. Coach Sharoo and most everyone else came in a short time later.

Once off the bike it was on to a “flat and as fast as you wanted to run” 3 miles to Stearns Wharf and back. After a shower we all headed down to the Bistro 1111, located in the Hyatt, where most of the team were staying. Our gracious Event Coordinator, Jody Gold, set up a nice dinner for the group, right on-sight! We had fun wearing St.Patty’s Day green while hanging at the bar for some well-earned beverages, both pre and post dinner! Dinner was great too! Thanks Jody!

The next morning we woke up to yet another frigid ocean swim at 8:00am. Not quite as big a group for this swim, but still over 15 Barbarians took the plunge! After the swim it was on to a flat and scenic longer run along the coast. Barbarians ran for an hour. Some went further. It was another beautiful day on the beach. Everyone had a great run, then banana wheat germ pancakes for breakfast! The final workout of the weekend was a mellow 20 mile spin up the coast and through Hope Ranch. The Santa Barbarian group was looking a bit tired by now, but still charging ahead! We made it back in time to get a hot shower before hitting the road for home.

Thanks to all who made the KP Santa Barbara Training Weekend a success! Great training and a blast! A BIG THANK YOU to the guys at Summit Bikes (Pancho and Jimbo) for coming down and providing SAG support for our ride on Saturday. Please see these guys for all your bike needs! …as well as Eddie Crane for not only taking professional photos  but also provided much needed SAG & Moral Support to the gang. Thank you thank you thank you!

Here is the list of those who completed every workout, our 2014 Santa Barbarians!!! Totals: (roughly) 3 swim workouts, 2 bike workouts, 3 run workouts – 8 Total

  • Swim – 2-3 miles
  • Bike – 87-96 miles
  • Run – 12-20 miles
  • So many Pushups & Situps, I lost count!

The KP Santa Barbarians: They did it all!!! This group is tough!!! 2014 Female Santa Barbarians:

  • Lori “100 to 1 Coach Kain? My a%$!” Bradford – Multiple X Barbarian!
  • Carol “My ankle feels fine” Fredrickson – Multiple X Barbarian!
  • Laura “50 to 1 Coach Pete? NOT” Coyne (250 push-ups and crunches) – Multi X Barbarian!

Coach “are we having fun yet” Sharoo 2014 Male Santa Barbarians:

  • Tim “what’s next?” Reynolds (Plus a Bonus 3,500 yards Friday morning!)
  • Dave “Have a Fit Day Y’all” Lee – 1st time Barbarian!
  • Nelson “Dude, I’m tired” Hom – 1st, maybe 2nd Time Barbarian!
  • Steve “Old Guys Rule” Hawkins (250 push-ups + Crunches) – 1st Time Barbarian!
  • Alex “Where’s Baby Bear?” Garcia – 1st Time Barbarian!
  • Coach “The Original Barbarian” Kain

2014 Honorable Mention Barbarians ßmissed one, or more workouts, but had a blast!

  • Jana “Love SB” Crane – missed the ocean swims
  • Eric “I’m running Boston in a month” Ventry – missed last bike ride.
  • Steve “I don’t need a F’ing wetsuit” Murphy – missed last bike ride.
  • Brian “Best Dressed” Beahm
  • Jill “Did I just do that” Sugita-Hulme
  • Joanne “Former Barbarian/SB Veteran” Wicker
  • Charlotte “Love to ride” Bohlin
  • Meredith “I love TRACK” Hawkins (Bonus 3,500 yards on Friday)
  • Danelle “IM Texas or bust” Moon
  • John “I AM already a Barbarian” Magee
  • Laurie “I have snacks” Kehl
  • Jody “Love this trip” Gold

Great job to all who made it to SB! Can’t wait for next year! Put it onyour schedule now! I’m sure the odds maker in Vegas will re-think the odds of making “Barbarian” status for next year. Do you have what it takes??? Thanks! Coach’s Pete + Sharoo “No Kain, No Gain”

***Next Big KP Team Destination Event is The Pacific Crest Triathlon in Bend, Oregon on June 26th-28th, 2014. Sprint, Olympic and 1/2 IM Distances!