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Glasgow Regional Outcome Agreement

Glasgow Regional Outcome Agreement

The GCRB self-assessment report provides an overview of the performance of the Glasgow College area in key areas: regional planning and delivery, regional performance and productivity, regional partnerships and people. Scotland`s Colleges 2018 recommended that the Scottish Government and the Scottish Funding Council (SFC) assess and publicly report on the achievement of regionalisation targets by regional strategic committees. The report shows that the aim is to establish a coherent regional university offer, to reconcile learning with employment and Glasgow`s economic growth and to broaden access to life-changing university education. You can also read the GCRB`s future plans in the 2019-2020 Action Programme: www.gcrb.ac.uk/content/regional-programme-action-2019-20 Our previous results agreements are available on the Scottish Funding Council website. Future information SFC Corporate Publication Schedule and Statistical Publication Schedule. In the summer of 2016, the Steering Group on Good Governance was revised and the Code was updated. Please note that the published outcome agreement measures table is a summary of the table submitted to SFC, taking into account the standards of good practice for the publication of statistics. The full table was signed as part of the agreement outcome process, but only the summary table is displayed in the published document. View downloadable files To view Adobe PDF files, you need Adobe Reader. Download them for free from the Adobe website. Glasgow Colleges launched the regional mint strategy on Wednesday 21 October 2015.

The launch outlined the regional colleges` commitment to developing a powerful talent pipeline for learners of all ages, backgrounds and skills. The Scottish Government published in August 2014 the final appointments of the College Sector Board: 2014 Ministerial Guidance. Other formats All our publications can be made available in large print or Braille for the visually impaired and can be made available in a large number of languages (see also Gaelic). Both services are free of charge and can contact the communication team, Tel: 0131 313 6500 or e-mail: webmaster@sfc.ac.uk. The Code was approved by the President of the CFS on November 27, 2014. The guidelines provide an overview of the process for appointing board members to the Glasgow Regional College Council, as well as the role of the Glasgow Regional College Council in appointing board members to its assigned colleges. The current Scottish Government`s priorities for education reform after the age of 16 are improving life prospects, promoting jobs and growth, and ensuring sustainable education after the age of 16. .

The main strategic directions and priority intentions for Dundee and Angus College are set out in our regional outsourcing agreement for 2020-21. Regional Results Agreements were introduced by the Scottish Funding Council in 2012/2013, as the main means for CFS and colleges, to work together to demonstrate the impact of the sector and its contribution to Scottish Government priorities. The Post-16 Education Act (Scotland) Act 2013 contains provisions relating to the establishment of principles of good governance in the higher education sector. Pending their entry into force, the SFC invited the Regional Presidents to convene a steering group to develop a code of good governance for Scottish colleges. The steering group members were representative of the diversity of the higher education sector in Scotland and draw on the experience of regional presidents, school heads, staff and student representatives, trade unions, NIS and board secretaries. . The main objectives of the Glasgow Regional Strategy are the following links: The Regional Outcome Agreement aims to show how Glasgow Colleges become: Scottish Funding Council Outcome Agreement 2019-20 for the Glasgow area (City of Glasgow College, Glasgow Clyde College, Glasgow Kelvin College). . . .