First day of Kain Kids camp went great! We covered a lot of topics and
learned some new skills and drills for triathlon.  Here’s a little review
for those of you who are interested in what we’re doing at “Kain Kids

We started with a warm up on the track and some stretching. We discussed
what “core Strength” is and did some exercises that work thoses abs, and
obliques, and erecter spinae which run parallel along the  spine; all
helping influence posture.

We explained running techniques used by the pros and did some of the
drills as well as picking apart our own form and then worked on smooth
fluid movements to run faster!  We had all our athletes run a quarter mile
for time and each day we’ll work to improve it!

Coach Pete had one group in the pool with our assistant coach Ramsin while
I had the other group on the bike. At the pool they covered drills to help
body position in the water, stroke mechanics, and worked on form.  A few
of the drills used to help are high swingers, catch up, side kicking with
a kick and a roll!  Coach Pete makes sure that each athlete is doing the
drills correctly and progressing from what ever level they’re at.  Each
athlete did a timed 50 yards which they will work to improve on throughout
the week.

On the bike I had two helpers from Los Gatos High, both alum of our camps;
Ben Haderly and Bobby Kain. We reviewd bike safety with proper helmet fit,
ettiquette on the bike path and how to communicate with the group while
riding to keep it predictable and safe.  We set up cones for bike skills
and balance drills.  We also reviewed cornering on the road bike versus
mountain bike.

After a snack we switched groups, fixed bikes and did it again.  I think
we have a great group of kids and the coaches look forward to helping them
become great athletes!

Coach Shari