Day 4 of Kain Kids Camp!

By now the kids are starting to eat, sleep and  breathe triathlon! We
warmed up on the track with a core workout and instead of Simon says it’s
“Pete says!” The kids ran an 800 for time and all were very close to
quessing their time and holding a pace they chose.  We then rolled out on
the bikes  and put in some distance today past the dam and back for about
7 or 8 miles.

At break our assistant coach Malcolm helped me show the kids how to change a flat!  If any of the parents need help with a flat tire, now you can  ask your child to do it! It’s good practice! 🙂

Back on the pool deck:

Pete ran them through a mini tri (a 50 yard swim, 1/2 mile bike, and 400
on the track) to get the feel of putting it all together.   I’d say they
are all ready for their first tri! For those who have done one or more
this is just fine tuning for their next event!  Go Kain Kids!!!  Good Luck

Fridays event will consist of 100 to 200 yards in the pool, 6 mile bike,
and  1/2  mile run, or full mile depending on which wave they start in.
The second wave will go a full mile.  The morning agenda will include
stretching, body marking, transition set up and a talk on visualization
and positive self talk during the event.  It’s always a great day for the
kids and we look forward to watching them all croass the finish line with
a big smile!
Coach Sharoo and coach Pete