Day three at Kain Kids Camp was tough but fun!

We were happy to have our alum Riley Auten back to help out as well as a
new Kain Kids assistant Malcolm Flint who just got back from his first
junior National Mountain Bike Championship!

We began our day with an early morning hike/jog up St. Josephs trail
including the narrow switchbacks where we reviewed good hill climbing
technique.  After the hike we all got on the bikes and rode out through
the park for a brick workout which “layers” the training of riding and
running in this case to prepare the muscles for that transition while in
the event.  The course was set with a big grassy hill followed with a half
mile bike and a second run.  The kids said they learned that they
shouldn’t have gone so hard on the first run!  They do learn quick!

We had a fun game of “chaos” tag before  heading back for a snack and some
fast and furious relays in the pool.  More fun on the diving boards as you
see in the photos!


Happy training,
Coach, Sharoo