Tuesday was full of mind bending skills and physical challenges for our
athletes! After our morning stretch we discussed how food fuels your body,
especially if you’re growing like a weed and need to keep your energy up
for camp!  We discussed what foods promote recovery to rebuild  the muscle
quickly.  How to find good sources of protein and get it into your daily
intake.  The kids had great insight with nutritious foods and will
hopefully ask for more of them or start eating more of the good stuff  at
home now!!!

We had a great circuit training session out on the track with our medicine
ball, the TRX, a camel back “surprise,” weights, push ups, tricep dips,
lunge walks, jump roping and sit ups with a medicine ball toss which all
helps develop strength, power and a solid core.  I wonder if anyone was
just a little sore after that!!?

We covered topics to help set realistic goals and challenge each athlete
to guess their quarter mile time and see how close they came.  Introducing
the fact that, yes- triathlon is an individual sport and you race against
the clock and try to do your personal best!

Then we headed out on the bike path in our groups where one group did “hill intervals” and the other worked on dismounting and mounting.  Most everyone was dialed in after a few practice rounds!
We ended the day in the pool and finally off the diving boards with some
great “big tricks” as you will see!!
That’s all from Camp Kain for Now!