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Car Sales Agreement Template Singapore

Car Sales Agreement Template Singapore

1.6 This Agreement may be concluded either in English or in other languages. However, in the event of any dispute or doubt with respect to this Agreement, the English translation and the importance of this Agreement shall prevail over any other translation or service. 2.4 The seller has all rights related to the sale of this car and the consent or consent of a third party is not required to transfer ownership entirely to the buyer. In case of approval of the price of the vehicle, a sales contract form should be signed as confirmation of purchase. This agreement should contain information about the buyer, seller and vehicle for sale. Thereafter, a payment must be paid either in cash, by bank transfer or cheque. This car purchase agreement (the “Contract”) is concluded between the Buyer [Buyer. First name] [Buyer.Last name] and seller [Seller.First name] [Seller.Last name]. This agreement constitutes a contractual agreement between both parties and the seller (the seller) who resides at [SellerAddress] wishes to sell his vehicle to the buyer (buyer) who resides at [BuyerAddress]. In the event that any of the Parties has made other, or less formal commitments or declarations, this Agreement shall prevail over any other declaration or discussion that has been made outside of this Agreement. WHERE: The seller wishes to sell his vehicle to the buyer under the following conditions and agreements, which are mentioned here, and the buyer wishes to buy the vehicle from the seller. Not necessarily. If you need help filling out certain forms or instructions on the appropriate procedures even before signing the sales contract, we can facilitate the signing of the sales contract in our office.

You can find the sales contract here. 7.2 In the event of any dispute or conflict regarding this car purchase agreement, both parties are obliged to resolve it by submitting to a competent court of the State. The car purchase contract is a legally binding agreement that is also defined as a contract for the sale of a car. This sales contract records the transaction with a vehicle. In the event that additions, modifications or adaptations to this Agreement are necessary, they must be put in place in writing and are subject to the approval and signature of both parties. Sellers and buyers should arrange a meeting to tour the vehicle and confirm the agreement. A sales contract must be signed and a deposit must be made to confirm the agreement. We will help you process the rest of the paperwork as soon as you send us the sales contract signed and concluded here. The sales contract can be downloaded here.

We can submit a vehicle evaluation report if the vehicle is transported to our office. The report will note the physical condition of the vehicle at the point of sale and we can use it to ensure that the vehicle is in the same condition at the time of delivery. This report documents the physical appearance of the vehicle and does not contain the mechanical components. We do not charge a fee for this service. 1.7 If any condition or clause set out therein is held by a competent court to be unlawful, invalid or unenforceable, only that particular condition, condition or clause becomes inoperative and the other contractual agreements referred to therein shall remain in full force and effect. .