The season is well under way and the training volume is ramping-up! Our Half Moon Bay Training Weekend is a shock to the system, as it is probably more volume than many of you have done in a while. You should be pretty tired after a weekend like that and may need a day, or two to feel recovered. The BIG training weekends are important to whip your body into shape, but your recovery is just as important! If you are feeling run down by last weekend, or have been fighting off getting sick, you may need an extra day of rest. Be good about your nutrition and get enough sleep. The body is great at responding to the training volume, but you will only see gains if you let it recover and recharge.

The training schedule is generally a three week build in volume and then a week of recovery. We recommend a recovery week after a BIG training weekend like Half Moon Bay Overnight. Use this week to recharge your physical and mental state and you will come back more eager and will see and feel the benefits of the extended effort.

Here are a few tips for getting the most out of your recovery week:

1) Get a massage! Call our KP Team masseuse, Dave Ledesma, at Advanced Muscle Therapy. His number is (408)243-3949.

2) Get some sleep! Shoot for at least 8 hours a night! Take a nap if you have time during the day. This is huge in recovery and for getting over an illness and recharging the bodies energy stores! Wash your hands often, and avoid contact with sick friends. After an extended training weekend, your immune system may be suppressed.

3) Soak your legs in cold water. The colder, the better for the tired legs! Fill a tub with cold water and ice and sit in it for a good 10-15 minutes. This is huge in getting sore and tired legs to feel better! Recovery boots are also recommended.

4) Take a Yoga Class! Go see our KP Team Sponsor, YogaSource of Los Gatos and sign up for a class. Tell them you are a Kain Team Member and you will get a discount on a 10-pack of classes. Gentle Yoga, or Restorative Yoga are best for those new to yoga.

5) Put your legs up on wall for 10 minutes and let them “flush”. Put them way up on a wall, above your head. You will get a good hamstring stretch at the same time.

6) Take an extra day off from any exercise! Yes, this can really help if  you are overly fatigued! You should normally take one rest/recovery day a week, but some weeks you may need two. This is OK and you will be amazed how good you feel when you get back to it!

7) Stay hydrated! Yes, be sure you are drinking enough water! Big training weeks can really dehydrate you, so you may need more than normal. You will want to be sure and replenish your electrolytes; magnesium, sodium,  potassium, etc.

8) Be good about your nutrition! You will find as you increase your volume and intensity in your training schedule, you will feel hungry more often. This is normal as your bodies metabolism is changing with your increased workload. Eat protein at each meal, as this will sustain you longer than eating pure carbs. Eating a well balanced diet, with a bit more protein is usually good for most endurance athletes. Be sure to plan ahead when getting ready for your day. You never want to go into a workout on empty, but you also don’t want to go right after a big meal. Plan ahead for best results.

9) Supplements are a must for most endurance athletes. Face it, you do more than your “Average Joe”! I doubt most “Joes” rode there bikes 125 miles and ran 12 miles last weekend. Most women will need an Iron supplement at a minimum and all will need to replenish with a Multi-Vitamin and amino acids. I have found Biogenesis to work extremely well. Order it through They are doing a 30 Day Challenge right now, so if you aren’t satisfied with it after 30 days, you can get your money back! Check it out, or ask me for more details.

10) Hug your wife/husband, kids, dog, cat, or whatever family member you may have neglected while out training all weekend. Do something nice for them, as the support crew of most athletes I know are a BIG reason for most peoples success! Acknowledge them and make them feel special, because they do make sacrifices for you!

Please feel free to ask questions of me, Shari, or any of our great KP Team Coaches. Hope to see you at a workout soon… Rested and ready of course!!

Happy Training & Resting!
Coach Pete Kain